Activities both physical and mental are at the core of our doggy care. When we take your pets into our homes we take them into our hearts! We love interacting with dogs young and old, seeing new faces or our regulars. We treat them like our own and make their stay as fun and as happy as possible. Here are the main activities your pet will enjoy during their stay with us!


We walk our doggy guests three times a day. To ensure your peace-of-mind we walk on-lead at all times (we also have extending leads on body harnesses to give them chance for a safe wander). For added security we clip an ‘On holiday’ tag with our details on to their collars.


We spend a lot of time interacting with our dogs and play is very important. Depending on your requirements this can be playing together or as one-to-one. We like the old adage ‘a happy dog is a sleepy dog’. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as the sight of a contented, dozing pooch that has had a lot of fun! The level of activity is down to our furry guest’s needs and, of course, your wishes – you’re the boss!


We like to think a relaxed dog is one that’s calm among people and other dogs. It’s vital that a puppy’s formative weeks are spent encountering and experiencing as many everyday sights and sounds as possible to help them develop into a confident adult. We love taking in puppies and playing our part in helping them socialise. All we ask is that your pup has had its injections and a recent flea & worming.

Wash and groom

We can wash and groom your dog for a small charge of £5. This will be using puppy/dog shampoo (as appropriate) and a towel-dry. If you would like your pet to have a professional strip/clip/brush/groom for when you collect them we will get our mobile groomer to work her magic for you. The charge for this varies depending on breed but will be in region of £30.

Email/Facebook message updates

At no extra charge we will happily send you photos/videos of your pet’s time with us. We know from experience that it can be a little worrying leaving your puppy or dog with someone else so we are only keen to help put your mind at rest!

Tiny Paws Doggy Breaks Activities

Charlie the Westie (always looking around for the next exciting activity!)


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