We’ve had a lot of experience looking after dogs and we regularly get asked the same kind of questions. The following list, although not exhaustive, answers our top ten most asked queries. We would be grateful if you could give this list a quick peruse to see if we’ve already answered your question. If you need more information or our FAQs don’t make something clear then please drop us a line at enquiries@tinypawsdoggybreaks.com or give us a call on 07999 511 410. Sometimes speaking to a human being helps put your mind at ease more than just a list of text! (We all know that feeling!)

 Do you have any of your own dogs?
Yes, we have three spayed chihuahua and chihuahua crosses.

 Who supplies my dog’s food?
It is the responsibility of the owner to leave us with enough food and instructions on how much they can have per day. We keep all food in separate air-tight containers. The reason for this is two-fold: Small dogs’ stomachs can easily get irritated by a sudden change in food or they may have special dietary needs like gluten intolerance. If we feed your pets with what we feed ours then we would be risking their wellbeing. Additionally we would need to charge for supplying food so please ensure they have enough for their stay.

 My dog hasn’t been microchipped. Is this a problem?
Compulsory microchipping came into force on 6th April 2016. If you dog hasn’t been chipped we don’t report you but we would advise where you can get it done and try to address any concerns you might have about it. As owners of little dogs we know people who are reluctant to get it done purely because of how small their pet is and are worried for its safety. All our dogs are microchipped.

 Do you accept entire dogs (females/males that haven’t been spayed/neutered)?
We have to take each owners’ dogs health and welfare into account. For this reason we are reluctant to accept entire male dogs. We will accept entire female dogs but will ask when was the last time they came into heat so that we can be prepared for when we walk them.

 Are your pets vaccinated and flea and wormed?
Most definitely yes! They get their annual boosters and monthly flea and worming treatment. We ask that yours are too to for their own protection and for that of any of the other dogs in our care.

 My pet needs regular medication. Are you able to administer it?
Giving medication in tablet form is quite normal for us. We wouldn’t be prepared to do anything invasive like injections for example. All we ask is that you give us enough medication for the length of their stay and clear instructions on how it is to be administered.

 What happens if my dog – or another in your care – gets sick?
If the illness is something like diarrhoea and sickness we would inform the owner and their vet. Then we would isolate the poorly pet or take them to the vet depending on the advice given to us. We have a separate room upstairs we can use to provide a quarantine area and we will employ health and hygiene knowledge to reduce risk of infection being passed on. Downstairs we have three pet gates that also allow for segregation. Please note that at no time will a sick pet be ignored – we pride ourselves on putting our clients’ pets’ health first. A quarantined pet will be monitored continuously.

 What happens if my dog gets lost or injured?
This is a worst-case-scenario but we are prepared for it. It hasn’t happened yet we hasten to add.
On arrival to our home we clip a tag to your dog’s collar which they will have for the entire length of their stay. This has ‘On holiday – 07544652575’ so if your dog does manage to run off then whoever finds him or her can easily contact us. We will immediately alert our insurance company and you and we will, of course, look for your pooch! We will alert our local network of fellow dog-walkers, carers and friends to join in the search and advise local vets, passing on your microchip details and/or photographs to aid in identification.
If your dog is injured we will give first aid. We will notify you and our insurance company too. If the injury is serious we will rush them to our vets (or yours if closer) and then inform you of the incident.
We are prepared for these eventualities and have procedures in place to deal with them. Our rule of thumb is to help your pet first then inform you of the situation.

 Are you flexible with drop-off and pick-up times?
We have reasonably strict plans during the day for entertaining, playing, walking and feeding our furry guests. For this reason we have drop-off and collection periods that we would ask you to respect. Morning drop-offs start from 8.00 am and finish at 10.00 am. Collection is from 3.30 pm and 6.00 pm. We are flexible around these times with notice. Please let us know beforehand if you need different drop-off or collection times and we will do our best for you.

Dog boarding in Consett
All dogs in our care get ‘on holiday’ tags during their stay for extra security and peace of mind.


Chihuahuas meet ours at Tiny Paws Doggy Breaks!Chihuahuas meet ours at Tiny Paws Doggy Breaks!


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